Msc Design of Steel Structures in Smart Cities

Second Level University Master


(Italian version - Official Rectoral Decree)

(English version - Unofficial copy)

(English version - Unofficial copy)

(Italian version - Official Rectoral Decree)



Design of steel structures


The Master:

Today the Master is in eighth Edition. All students of previous years found prestigious occupations in Italy and abroad.



To form professionals with higher level of education in specific field of Steel Structures.



Students who have earned 5-years degree (or equivalent 3+2 years degree) in Engineering (Building/Civil) or Architecture released by a University in a Country of the European Community.


Tuition fee:

The tuition fee (excluding any accommodation) for the Master is 5.000,00€, due in two instalments. Scholarships (minimum 5) will be available for best students to cover tuition fees (5.000,00€) and to cover accommodation costs at the Istituto Francesco Denza in Posillipo - Naples.


Attendance, facilities and accommodation:

One-year-full-time duty is required to Master students, with mandatory attendance of five days in a week. A specific building complex (Istituto Francesco Denza) will host Atelier, seminars, short courses and other relevant activities. This building facility also provide accommodation and sport facilities for nine months to the Master students.


Teaching system:

The Master courses will be in English. The teaching/learning activity is organized in basic courses, “Atelier” activity, seminars/short courses and stage at industries, foreign Universities and professional firms.


Participation of the industrial and professional world:

Seminar and short courses, with free attendance of professionals, are organized with the contribution of companies and firms involved in the field of steel structures. Further, stages at companies, foreign Universities and/or professional firms can be arranged during the final term.



II Level University Master, with 60 credits (CFU) based on the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS).



To know the terms and dates of the course download and consult the notice.


VIII Edition

We want to inform you that the eighth Edition of Master Design of Steel Structures in Smart Cities will start next September, after the publication of official regulations notice in July.


Everyone involved can compile the pre- registration Form on this web site.








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